Midwest Central Middle School

Dear Students, and Parents/Guardians,


With the goal of providing innovative education opportunities, Midwest Central Middle School established a one-to-one Chromebook program beginning in the 2014-2015 school year.  During the first year of implementation, the school covered the cost of damages and completed the repairs needed to maintain the Chromebooks.  Unfortunately, despite many discussions and educating students on appropriate use and care, and a slow implementation process, the financial impact of damages and repairs was much larger than expected.  Beginning with the second year of this one-to-one program, the Middle School established individual damage fees for any repairs required to maintain the Chromebooks in good working condition.  Even with a fee assessed for damages, the number of repairs needed to maintain the usefulness of this wonderful resource is still over whelming.  The one-to-one implementation of Chromebooks has allowed students to have access to materials beyond the school walls while gaining experience to enter the technical world in high school and beyond.  However, after analyzing the extensive damages and repairs required on a daily basis, and the number of lost or missing Chromebooks reported every day, we have reviewed our Chromebook procedures and will be making changes beginning with Christmas Break.

On Monday, December 14th, all students will be required to leave their Chromebooks at school.  Over break, all Chromebooks will be reset to their original features to present a more unified look throughout the building.  Upon returning from break on January 4th, Chromebooks will remain in the classrooms for instruction.  Students will no longer carry them from class to class.  In the rare case that a student needs access to a Chromebook for a specific assignment, they will be allowed to check a Chromebook out overnight from the teacher that is requiring the assignment.  If damages occur, the student will be assessed a fee to repair the Chromebook.  Students will no longer take Chromebooks home on a nightly basis without specific direction from a teacher for a specific assignment.  Students who currently have fees due to Chromebook damages will still be responsible for these fees.

With these changes, students will still be able to have access to technology which enhances their education while providing a more appropriate management system.  If you have concerns, please contact the Middle School.